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Dubai Chamber

World Chambers Congress 2021

Dubai Chamber

World Chambers Congress 2021

about the project

When Dubai Chamber asked us to create a video for the opening of the World Chambers Congress, we knew we had to create something special. They came with an open brief so we conceived a 3D animated video showing the collaborative nature of the Congress.

The video shows Dubai as a beacon, encouraging others to work in unison to achieve our collective goals. We’re very proud for the video to have opened such a prestigious event and are delighted to share it here.

Put it all on paper first

Working on a 3D project full of abstract concepts and visuals is always challenging when managing the clients’ expectations. Often, the words are not enough to describe the ideas, so it all starts with vague sketches and drawings and the constant evolution of the story until all the pieces of the narrative click into place. The first version of the storyboard might not look like art, but it’s an essential tool in the creative development process.

From a napkin to a 20 meter wide LED screen

After completing a complex project like this one, it gives us great pleasure to look back at how images have evolved during the process. From early sketches across rough 3D models to the final composited renders, all the way to the big event screens. What a journey!

Let's get technical: ACES Color Space

No, it’s not the latest Netix sci-fi show, but it is science. Colour science, to be more exact. WCC animation is the first project we completed using the Academy Color Encoding System, aka ACES. It’s a hyper-wide colour space that includes everything the human eye can see. It helped us capture all the luminance details, which were crucial when working with high-key scenes. It greatly enhanced our workflow, improved the image quality, and prevented over-exposure in the final output. Oh yes, this sounds geeky, but that’s our life sometimes. You can learn more on ACES at this link: https://www.oscars.org/science-technology/sci-tech-projects/aces https://www.oscars.org/science-technology/sci-tech-projects/aces