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Dubai International Airport


Dubai International Airport

about the project

Dubai International Airport, DXB, has gone through a vast re-brand helmed by Landor, one of the Middle East’s busiest branding agencies. The scope also included the development of animation and video guidelines, and We Are Alive is the best animation studio to do something like that.

The brand has launched with fanfare and made us proud to be a part of such a massive achievement.

Animation Brief

We had an open brief to re-imagine how a brand like DXB should move when displayed on screens and digital devices. We created a full animated graphic package, animated titles and lower thirds, animated transitions, infographic animations, explainer video templates, video shooting guidelines, logo animations, and more.

We knew that the airport is filled with screens of different sizes and aspect ratios, so we had to develop a modular system that would fit any size and format.

The Way To Move

Our goal was to integrate animation into every bit of content, and that required a bit of creative thinking. As we received many high-quality photographs from the client, we decided to break them apart, merge them again into 3D scenes, and move the animated camera, creating a sense of depth by utilizing a parallax effect.

Explainer animation brand guidelines for DXB
Explainer animation brandguidelines for DXB

Logo Animation

Landor designed a logo with a clear rationale that had to be reflected in the logo animation as well. We had to achieve a sense of connection and highlight ‘space in-between’ where the experience happens for the travelers visiting the airport.

We recreated the logo in 3D and animated a visual opening that would symbolize the brand’s welcoming nature.

Infographic Design

Infographics are a huge part of brands’ digital presence. Be it a weather report, information about flights, or animated titles in a corporate video, we found a way of animating text and icons that would look appealing but not distract from the main action. When using text on the video footage, we proposed video tracking and positioning it to appear as a part of the same scene.